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Michelles Bulldogs is a VERY responsible breeder, they go far and beyond taking care of there animals and there customers !!! There no puppy mill :-)

They take great care and concern for there animals and use Dr. Butchko for all there care, they are a vary small Family owned breeder and only have six Bulldogs, they are no where near being a puppy mill, there dog's are all kept indoors and have blankets, air conditioning and allot of toy's !

they are never left alone and accompany the owners on frequent outing's... this is a Very loving breeder !!!

GOD BLESS all the good breeders out there, keep up the good work :-)

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Sacramento, California, United States #1276900

LOL Michelle posting her own review. You are beyond evil you scam artist. Crawl back in the hole from where u came from.

Salcha, Alaska, United States #1214686

You must have the wrong Michelle. See I paid for two champion sired show potential English Bulldogs know what I got one American bulldog and an olde English never got my breeding right papers.

O and my male has a huge mass on his throat.

And she never contacts me or responses. So I'm assuming you must work for her so you are writing good comments in hope that they will drown out the bad reviews well you might try googling bad reviews for her Facebook site and adorable Bulldogs you will then see

Just how great she is NOT!!!!!

Hold up a Minute !!

I Michelle at Michelle's Bulldogs take excellent care of all my customers, the customer who wrote the complaint about me bought a puppy out of my litter from a friend of mine over three week's ago.

They were actually going to pick up a puppy that they bought from them, but there puppy was ill and unable to go home that day and were advised to wait about 10 day's to see how she was doing or they could have chosen another puppy that was going to be ready to go in two week's, they didn't want to wait ! When they seen this particular puppy, they fell in LOVE with him and insisted on taking him even though they discouraged them from doing so because he had a cold, they said "We didn't come all the way down here to not go home with a puppy today, we want this one" so he was sold to them... one week later they called and said that they wanted to return this puppy, that he was still sick, so My friend's said bring him back and we will give you a refund and take him to DR. Butchko's again for some testing, they NEVER showed!!! My friends called them around 5:00pm to see whe they would be arriving, the new owners then said that they were going to keep him that they were happy with the puppy and have become very attached. now over three week's have gone by and the owners once again want to return the dog, we said bring him back and we will replace the puppy with the white female that they originally were offered, they don't want to do that either...

Some Customers are very Difficult as we all know, and some times we can not do anything to make them happy, no mater how hard we try !!! GOD BLESS ALL THE GOOD BREEDERS OUT THERE and keep up the good work even if you come across a customer like this one :-)

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